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Wednesday, 2 July 2008



 Hadrian's Wall



 me at Hadrian's Wall (we think so anyway - this section could just have been the boundary wall to some old farm judging by the looks we were getting from hiking-types......)

Northumberland has now entered my "favourite places" list. And I'm ashamed of the fact that I'd written it off as a wilderness without ever having visited the place. We've just enjoyed a mini-break at Slaley Hall on the outskirts of Hexham.


Beautiful weather, fantastic surroundings and delicious food. When I couldn't sleep one night last winter I watched an Open University programme all about Vindolanda - the Roman settlement next to Hadrian's Wall where the oldest surviving writing tablets had been discovered, buried beneath mud and clay.


The originals are now in the British Museum but facsimiles are in the museum at Vindolanda - and touchingly, one is a birthday invitation from the wife of a Roman soldier, to her friend.

On the way home we passed a field of Alpacas (I want one).


 and a garden with some beautiful roses


Our younger son arrived at Dubai, then Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sandakan (orang utan territory) but that's when communication stopped and by now he should be somewhere else so if I don't get a reply to my texts tomorrow I'm off to who-knows where with Air Asia.


  1. How are you going to find your son if you can't text him to find out whre he is?

  2. ps how are your knees?

  3. yes - good point. However it hasn't come to that - yet. He had the good grace to let us know that he was out shopping this afternoon, so I can sleep tonight.

  4. pps thanks for adding my site to yours - I'll try to reciprocate if I can get the artist son to sort it out for me

  5. That definitely is part of the Wall that you're standing in front of - you can tell by the stones - it's not like the dry stone walls that mark boundaries. The stones are all even and much bigger.