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Thursday, 3 July 2008



I never miss an episode of "In Our Time" on Radio 4 and even listened to repeats on my iPod while on holiday. I signed up to receive weekly emails from Melvyn Bragg (whose programme it is) and they're always interesting and to the point. I've copied a couple of paras from this week's - I hope he won't mind (presuming he's got the time to Google his own name and then stumble upon this blog). 

"I’m on my way now for a meeting at the Royal Society. Its
headquarters in London are in Carlton House Terrace, in one of the
entirely magnificent houses overlooking The Mall and looking over to
Westminster, to the Wheel and, from its great terrace, to St Paul’s
and the City.

I was there last night for their annual soiree, where Fellows of the
Society bring up to London evidence of the work they have been
doing in the last year. It’s an extraordinarily inspiring event. Mostly
young people stand in front of what could almost be called stalls and
explain the work they are doing, which is often of the highest quality,
in some cases leading the world, especially work being done at
Imperial College at the moment. These young people are erudite,
polite, diffident and helpful. They are a much bigger part of this
country than the media ever allows them to be. What a shame that
we spend so much time demonising so few and so little time taking
account of the many people who not only keep things going, but push
things forward and do so in a manner and style which slots in very
easily with the best of what we are."

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  1. Deb - that's a really relevant quote - especially in light of those poor French students who were studying at Imperial. So sad about that.