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Wednesday, 16 July 2008





Another day at the Open - or should I say almost a day - we had to cut it short because we were absolutely frozen - gale force icy winds. It's not right is it? How often do we get red hot weather in December; so why do we get this in the middle of the summer? Anyway today we saw Statto, and that was the total of our celeb spotting.


 A mother and father got off the train at Hillside (The "Open" stop) with two buggies. There are 32 steps to climb - as the platform posters tell you - but there wasn't a single rail official to help them. At the top of the 32 steps there were a dozen rail officials and five policemen and women - a fat lot of good.

Then, at the point of entry for the Open, there were two queues - one for people WITH tickets and one for those without. Those without had five gates and security barriers at which to buy tickets, while those WITH had one. Guess which queue moved five times faster. At this point I had to kick my husband in the shins to cheer him up otherwise it would have been one of those grumpy days.

And the picture below is the best I could do - a back view of a photo that will probably be in tomorrow's papers!



  1. Hi Deb
    am following your golf antics so thought I'd compare temperatures here in Auckland NZ with Southport!
    Sorry to say forcast for Thursday has you at 16degrees centigrade and Auckland at 17 dgrees centigrade - and we are in the middle of winter!!
    We both have rain forcast but that's no consolation!

  2. Thanks Barbara - as you say, that's no consolation! And now it's pouring down.
    ps Chatted to Judith Heaton at the golf today.