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Saturday, 1 March 2008



I like French and Saunders but hadn't really given their tour a thought so I don't suppose I can like them THAT much. I saw them plugging the tour on the North West TV programme though and thought it looked very funny - especially the bit where Dawn French sails past complete with skid lid on a stand-up scooter. So I booked for the Blackpool performance and we went last night. And do you know what - the bit with the scooter wasn't even part of the act. It was slightly amusing in parts but it was a bit of an ego trip for them and a bit like a junior school end of term performance. The best parts were the sketches we'd seen before on television.

The London son is now in his new flat - having moved all his possessions in one of Innocent's grassy vans. He put his mark on the furnishings by buying a stack of cream throws from Ikea. Only now he says the place looks as though it's ready for the decorators to start.

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