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Monday, 23 June 2008


A few weeks ago I decided to take a maths course at the local college and tomorrow it's the exam. I've had a stack of pretend exam papers on the dining room table for two weeks and when I make my daily "to do" list the pretend papers always feature (at the bottom of the list it's true, but none-the-less they're there). Needless to say they haven't been touched and when my daughter asked me when I was going to start my revision I told her I'd probably do a bit on the morning of the exam. Well, the roof almost caved in as our roles reversed and I got a stern ticking off.   Whatever.

The London son went to a lovely wedding at the weekend and the reception was at Ragley Hall. He met up with his pals from Cambridge.


and if this picture disappears it's because I've had another ticking off.


  1. Good luck today Deb! Make sure you let us know the results....

  2. That's very nice of you - thank you Rob

  3. Hi Deb, They're a good looking gang. Which one is your son?

  4. far right with the startling turquoise tie!