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Thursday, 5 June 2008


We went for a run yesterday (in the car - don't be silly) and ended up at The Mulberry Tree gastro-pub in Wrightington. Rather early as it happens (my husband likes to leave plenty of time in case we encounter non-existent traffic jams) and it must have seemed as though we had no homes as we sat in the car park for half  an hour waiting for it to open. With the beginnings of a sore throat and a hint of hayfever I was determined not to like it but it was actually faultless from start to finish. The unobtrusive, polite service melted my bad mood and the beautifully-presented "fish fingers in a buttered bun" was not-at-all how it sounds. Two home-made-breadcrumbed big pieces of white fish smothered with fresh rocket and homemade tartar sauce sitting inside an enormous fresh barm cake (bun to southerners).  There, that's the end of my restaurant review.

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