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Sunday, 15 June 2008


The new phones have now been fixed - in a manner of speaking. They're called "Symphony" phones and they're living up to that name. Whenever we get a call, each phone makes a different sound - one plays Happy Birthday. At the moment it's quite amusing but I think we're going to tire of the row very soon.

It was lovely to have everyone at home for Father's Day and extremely appropriate cards were given - in fact I was convinced that the London son had stuck a photo of his dad on the front of his.




My husband can now go on his travels wearing a new shirt and gardening gloves  and equipped with a Fortnum and Mason picnic hamper and a pair of secateurs.


I wish I could put the delicious scent from these Abraham Darby roses on the site.


and while I was in a flowery mood I took a picture of the Nicotiana that seeded themselves in the pot where my fig is growing - they're the biggest I've ever seen and I can only presume that they're benefitting from the food I give the figs.



  1. They do look like good specimins - get them in a flower show.

  2. Does Ainsdale still have a flower show?

  3. yes - and i'm one step ahead of you this time!! the only prob is that it's not for another two weeks and we've got gales battering everything at the moment.