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Friday, 13 June 2008


Before the European football matches started I'd decided to have a bet on Croatia - purely because I liked their strip when I saw it in Dubrovnik shop windows. Time has passed and I've done nothing about my bet. When I saw them play last night I thought I'd better do something about it. My old friend William Hill didn't seem to be taking bets so I enrolled with Betfair. Great odds - 16/1 so I snapped them up and placed my £3 bet. "unmatched" came up in red which I think means that there isn't enough in the kitty to pay me out if I win - apparently someone else has to have a bet against Croatia winning and then that money will be used for my winnings. So I deduced that if I laid a bet against Croatia winning, they'd have some money to pay me with. (are you still there?)  I put £3 on Croatia to lose. This bet was successful and in red I was told that if Croatia won I'd have £45 deducted from my account - HELP!

Our betting-wizard of a son is on the train home from London so I'm hoping against hope that he can sort me out - otherwise I'll be screaming for my chosen team to lose.

And while he's at home perhaps he'll be able to show us how our new set of phones work. I've now cut six callers off in their prime by trying to transfer them to a phone in another room.

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  1. I don't suppose much harm has been done because at worst you'll only lose what you've won - if you see what I mean!