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Sunday, 1 June 2008


It was good to see the L'Oreal son looking well when he came back for the weekend and he went back a bit more tanned than when he arrived.  There was the normal sibling banter and insults flying around as our three offspring discussed money-making schemes  such as opening a shop called "Urine Alley Tearoom" - nice. My suggested name of "Coffee and a slice" was shouted down by our daughter who thought that customers would expect to be knifed - I don't know what sort of tearooms she frequents. Anyway in the end I think we all decided that by the time I'd made the cakes and scones for Urine Alley Tearoom there wouldn't be much of a profit. And I daresay the joint would be closed down before it opened.

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  1. Great name for a tearoom - amazing no-one's thought of it before lol