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Thursday, 7 August 2008


I've spent three hours over yesterday and today trying to sort out my on-line ICICI account. The call centre is in India and I honestly believe that I now the name of everyone in it.  The bank's site won't let me log in and when I ring the call centre, no-one has the faintest idea what I'm talking about. The latest man told me to print off the pop-up that tells me there's an error and then post it to him - I ask you!  I did two transfers yesterday out of my Barclays current a/c and into the ICICI account.  Barclays tell me the money went immediately and should already be in the other a/c. The ICICI man says it will take 3 days to reach my account - so where is it in the meantime - or is someone carrying it to India on the back of a tortoise? I really could have wept today - the phone was sticking to my ear with perspiration and I had someone telling me to press buttons on my keyboard that didn't exist. I'm just glad my mother hasn't got a computer because her foot would have been through it by now.

My husband has found a website that tells people to avoid ICICI because customers are tearing their hair out trying to get sense out of the operators - I know the feeling.

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