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Tuesday, 14 July 2009


close up

Sunday saw Oscar Ying Lung's christening. And what a wonderful day it was. The sun shone, the church was packed and Oscar was the star of  the show - posing for photos and splashing in the font. After the service, the vicar took him up and down the aisle to say hello to everyone and he was in his element.  People had come from up and down the country and everyone was so kind. Our neighbour said that the glorious afternoon in Oscar's garden was just like a picture book - and she was right.

Oscar looked very smart in his linen shirt and tank top but just like his dad, he couldn't wait to get back into his old jeans and climb onto his car.



The christening cake, which I had made and baked with love and care, using tons and tons of  fruit and more than a little brandy, looked fine, topped by the dragon beautifully-crafted by Oscar's mum. It tasted ok too. The major problem was that it was totally uncuttable. It was more like a mushy Christmas pudding, so guests were forced to use spoons to eat it. What is the secret to producing a cake you can cut into neat slices?



  1. it really was a lovely afternoon, and the cake delicious... Thomas especially liked it!!!
    Thank you all

  2. Pleased to see that Oscar is better.

  3. Marcia - it was lovely to see you and the family. Your boys are a credit to the two of you.

  4. Cheshire Wife - yes, thankyou. He kept us worrying for a few days but seems as right as rain now. Glad your laptop has recovered!