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Sunday, 19 July 2009



We were in London at the weekend. On Friday night we went to see Oliver in Drury Lane. I'm so glad we caught Rowan Atkinson's Fagin - this was the penultimate night. He really made the show and managed to squeeze in a few Black Adder mannerisms.

It was good to see our younger son on his home turf  before the show and he took us to Covent Garden and Porter's Pies for dinner where between us we put away a rich steak and kidney pudding, a delicious fish pie and a overflowing chicken and sweetcorn pie.

The next day we visited his flat for the first time and then had a guided tour of the Holland Park area. I loved the mews houses on a little cobbled street and we spotted a beauty that was up for sale. Later we saw the picture in an estate agent's window - £1.5m , which I thought was very reasonable - right out of our price range, but still reasonable!



I was very impressed with our train journeys. Smooth, fast and tilted with only two stops. Better than the train our son travelled on recently, when the train manager announced that they could "unoffer"  hot food on the buffet.

Our first port of call when we got back was Oscar's house. He now puts the phone up to his ear, which sounds good but I'm not sure that he's really cottoned on to the concept yet because he also holds beer mats and book marks up to the same ear.


  1. I meant to say do that too - but it came out all in one!!- first day back at school after the holidays!

  2. Summer used to dothattoo- children today think everything is a cellphone!!