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Friday, 24 July 2009


We had a free day yesterday so decided to go for a run to Wales. Lake Bala to be precise


We arrived after two hours, desperate for a coffee. We drove round the lake - frm one end to the other. Not a cafe or a pub in sight - actually there was no lake in sight either because the hedges and the trees completely block the view. So we decided to drive another 30 miles to Portmeirion.



It was like being in a little corner of Italy. Even the weather inside the village seemed better than it had been outside so we sat in the sunshine, surrounded by palm trees and my husband went to sleep. By then it was time for the three hour journey home. A bit of a waste really - we could happily have stayed all day given the chance.

While we were there our younger son called to update us on his partying. Two parties this weekend, one a karaoke event where guests are required to dress as whoever they're karaokying. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.




  1. I can remember going to Lake Bal over 30 years ago and there was nothing much there apart from water!!
    nothing has changed I see!

  2. we would love to go to port M, from what you say maybe an overnight stay though. It does look very special

  3. Yes, we didn't realise it would take so long. You need a stop en-route really. There's a hotel and self catering cottages inside the village. It costs £7 each to get into the village! I suppose it's not too bad if you spend the day there.