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Monday, 23 March 2009


Inside my anniversary card from my husband was a bookie's ticket from  Coral's (coral anniversary). £3.50 (35 years!) on Romantic Verse in the 4.35. We sat down to watch the race on television and saw straight away that the jockey was wearing a coral coloured vest - that was it. It had to win - and it did. By miles. So today I'm in the money.

The artist son has 200 drawings to do before his exhibition in Portugal in May and had decided to spend yesterday getting on with them. I can categorically state that he didn't do one drawing. I know this because all our email inboxes were flooded with 65 invitations to view his photo albums on Picassa - and one of the albums contained 992 pictures of Oscar (all of which had to be loaded and sized) - it's a wonder Oscar hasn't got permanent flashes in front of his eyes. So that still leaves our son with 200 drawings to complete.



A couple of the photos we hadn't seen before from Picassa

And in amongst all the photos was this one - like father like son.



  1. They hadn't all uploaded then, there are three albums of Oscar, two have 1000 photos in.

  2. That's an average of 17 photographs a day since he was born. More than Paris Hilton gets.

  3. Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary!