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Monday, 30 March 2009


The London son hasn't been too well, which is a shame because if ever he needed to be on top form it's now. Tomorrow he's moving flat which involves renting a van, moving boxes, crates, clothes etc etc down four flights of stairs, driving his possessions across London to the new place, unloading and carrying everything upstairs; returning to clean his old flat and then sorting out his new one. He sent  a photo of his flat floor to my phone and it just reminded me of the chaos that ensued in our house at the start and end of every university term. And I've just worked out that we did the loading and unloading regime 162 times (three children). It makes my back sore just thinking about it.

Oscar visited yesterday and can now swivel his way round 360 degrees.


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  1. Oscar's looks are changing - what a little darling!