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Thursday, 26 March 2009



We went to see Rob Brydon last night at the Southport Theatre. Very funny - although my husband spent most of the evening sliding down in his seat so that he wouldn't be the target of  jokes. Funnily enough there were only two empty seats in this sell-out performance, and they were right next to us - we were sure that they were going to be used as part of the show - but no. If I'd known they were going spare, our daughter and a friend could have gone with us. Rob Brydon is tiny and could almost get away with his Ronnie Corbert impressions without sinking to his knees.

Oscar is getting his own passport and every time I look at his passport photograph I have to laugh.


While he was here the other day I gave him his dinner (shepherds pie) and to see if he would wait patiently I did a spoonful for grandma and a spoonful for teddy first. Well, by the time it was Oscar's turn he was bouncing up and down in his seat and then gave a very appreciative "mmmmmmm" noise as he savoured his spoonful. What fun.

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