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Sunday, 22 March 2009


Today is our Coral Anniversary - 35 years. And I can confirm that global warming is taking place because on March 23rd 35 years ago there was only one daffodil in  flower (in our garden, anyway) whereas this year they have been in flower for weeks already.

I don't like to gush but on this occasion I will, because we have got three thoughtful children and a thoughtful daughter-in-law who, for our anniversary clubbed together and booked us a break in the Abbey Inn at Byland - where we had to cut our stay short because of snow last month. I'm sure our jaws hit the floor when we opened the card and saw what they'd done. We're going in June - when the chance of snow should be very small.

Mother's Day was lovely with everyone around



The London son who is a Villa supporter didn't have much to cheer about when he saw his team lose 5 - 0 to Liverpool (the team his sister supports) and even less to cheer about when we got him to Lime Street station for the 8pm train. The Birmingham train had been cancelled (typical) and the queue for his London-bound train was at least 1,000 thick. There was nothing for it but to come back home and try again this morning. So we were up at 4am and he's now en-route for work on the 5.25am service - grabbing a bit of sleep I hope.

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  1. Happy Anniversary - is it that long ago?
    I remember it well!love Barbara
    PS lovely photo of Oscar- what a darling.