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Thursday, 12 February 2009



This was Byland Abbey from our bedroom window when we decided to call it a day and come home early - but not before five members of staff, including the general manager and the chef, dug our car out of the car park.

And it had all started so well. We arrived at the Abbey Inn


when the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Our suite was magnificent with a four poster, flagon of madeira, fresh flowers and a bathroom the size of a hockey pitch. The first morning's breakfast of locally smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs from local hens, was delicious and we were looking forward to the evening meal in front of a cosy fire. But it was not to be. The fast-falling snow got the better of us and we swerved and skidded our way out of the Yorkshire Dales and into dry-as-a-bone Lancashire.

We'll return one day.


a little bit of the beautiful suite that was ours for a short (very short) time


The view of the Abbey from our window when we arrived


  1. you do not seem to be having much luck with accomodation at the moment!?

  2. Snow is great to look at when you are at home and do not have to go out in it. Hope you can return to the Abbey Inn when the weather is better.