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Friday, 23 May 2008


I'm a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest - the fanatical interest dates back to when I was about five and was allowed to stay up late to watch it. (I'm not as fanatical as a former colleague who used to throw Eurovision parties and offer food from each country as the contestant performed).

I've always thought that if I could hear the songs in advance I could pick the winner, so last night I spent two hours listening to the entries from 45 countries and picked Switzerland as the clear winner. Flipped websites to William Hill to place my bet and discovered that there were just 25 entries and Switzerland wasn't one of them. Since I couldn't remember what I'd listened to previously I had to repeat the exercise with the remaining 25. I just hope it's been worth it, but I doubt it. My choice, for what it's worth is France, followed by Germany and Rumania. But I just know that we'll all be groaning over our official voting sheets as one of the Eastern European countries wins yet again, thanks to tactical voting by its neighbours.

I'm now killing time until the London son emails me a selection of photos from the stag do that took place last night. I'm open to monetary bribes.

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