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Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Wii

Our lounge has become a ski dome, a driving range and a boxing ring, a bowling alley, a park with a waterfall and a baseball field (field?).

The London son has a spare week between leaving innocent and starting a new life at L'Oreal (because he's worth it - I'll get that one over with before we go any further) and he decided to treat himself to a Wii while at home for the weekend. I have to say that I'll be sorry when he takes it back to his flat, I've never felt so healthy - heading footballs and football boots (I was classified as unbalanced) and beating him at ten pin bowling. It's an amazing thing but I can't help wondering what the neighbours might think when they see people twitching, jumping, crouching and heading imaginary balls in our living room.


some people couldn't even wait till they were dressed



his brother wanted a go



and so did his dad



and then it was time for a master class from the expert


  1. nice back views - where is the mama?

  2. Hi Deb, we're all wondering why no news for almost 3 weeks? Your readers demand it! I'm sure there's some gossip on the London son's new job or his flat's rodent infestation that you can share with us...

    nice to know i've been missed! we've spent 16 days on the ocean waves but don't worry - we're now home and I'll be sharing all the gossip asap.