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Monday, 26 May 2008





I'm absolutely delighted with my latest find. Normally I make hanging baskets myself but because I have to buy the plants, compost, moss etc they cost me a fortune. The local garden centres charge up to £100 for theirs. A friend's friend pointed us in the direction of some greenhouses out in the country where they make and sell baskets. We went yesterday and bought three - they were £20 each and have hundreds of plants in. The trouble is I can't hang them up - gale force winds and sand storms yesterday and torrential rain today. I suppose it is only May.

Today I start a maths course at the local college. I hated maths at school but now that I have mastered (almost) the most killerish of the killer sudokus I feel ready to forget the past and move on. While lying on the Arcadia's sundeck I listened (in between falling asleep) to 'In Our Time' podcasts - one was all about antimatter and how maths equations can tell us more about nature than we already know - deep stuff when all around me were sipping cocktails and playing quoits. So this morning I begin "Let's Go With Maths" which almost sounds like "Janet and John". I wonder if I've got enough years left to get onto antimatter. I told the artist son that the course lasts for six weeks and he's told me to take plenty to eat and drink.


  1. nice baskets
    I have one on my fence at home

  2. forget Maths - do something creative!