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Thursday, 20 August 2009


A couple of months ago we booked a hotel near York through On Monday, the day before we were due to go, my husband rang the hotel to confirm the booking. Never heard of us, no booking and anyway there were no rooms left, due to it being York Races week (which was why we were going).  This resulted in a two-and-a-half-hour phone call to which is based in America. "There's been a glitch" they said. Funny how the glitch didn't prevent them taking the money at the time of booking. Fortunately we know York very well and my husband was able to rule out all the alternative hotels they came up with. To cut a very long story very short we ended up in a castle with views over sweeping parkland, fallow deer and a croquet lawn, they gave us $20 towards travel expenses and $80 towards our next holiday. The artist son is now going to book a break through and just hope they make a "glitch".


swinton view

swinton deer


Oscar is now eating and drinking for Britain, after a week of shaking his head whenever a spoon or cup was put near his mouth. He had a sore throat, swollen glands and finally a red rash all over his little body. It was horrid seeing him like that and if any of us could have had the symptoms for him we gladly would have done. But now he's back to his cheeky self, dancing to the catchy tune of "In The Night Garden" and throwing things for anyone daft enough to retrieve them.

We took him to Martin Mere recently but forgot his sun hat so he had to make do with his grandad's.

m mere


  1. I wonder if operate down under?!

  2. In a former life, I went to courses there as Swinton Conservative College as the Earl of Swinton leased it to the Tory party! Great fun with such luminaries as Neil Hamilton and Andrew Neil who wer members of the Conservative Student groups.

  3. Hi Judith, Yes, I read in the brochure that top Tories used to stay there - that must have been lovely. There's an offer on at the moment so we may go again. x