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Wednesday, 7 November 2007


We enjoyed a lovely weekend in Hamburg, where the Innocent Drinks son is working. We even overcame our intense dislike of flying and I have to say that Air Berlin were the business. Efficient, smooth and on time and the return fare was only £79.

We stayed in the Mercure Hotel, a lovely room with everything we could ask for but the hotel itself was a little bit out of the way - in fact it was so out of the way that over the weekend we must have walked 50 miles. And that's no exaggeration - my legs, hips and feet will back me up on that. The shops in the city were fantastic and I could easily have spent a fortune if my husband hadn't frog-marched me past every shop window. There are lakes, rivers and canals right in the middle of the city - and I believe there are more bridges (2,000 plus) in Hamburg than in any other European city.
And the food - the food. Germans love their meat and fried potatoes and more importantly their cakes. We had cakes for breakfast, elevenses and afternoon tea - all varieties but mainly filled with glorious custard.


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