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Monday, 14 November 2011


A couple of weeks ago I decided to sell a painting that had been hanging on our dining room wall for all of five days. It was bought in a charity shop for not very much by my mother.

I put it on ebay and over the ten days that it was there it hovered around the £100 mark. Five minutes before the sale was due to end it went through the roof and then into the clouds, came out the other side and almost hit the sun! It was my Antiques Roadshow moment. And the profits will see me through Christmas. Well done ebay - but now I'd like to discover what it was the bidders knew - and I'm a little afraid that the next time I see it might be on the real Antiques Roadshow when it will be valued at £10m


  1. Oh dear, I think I would have hung on to that one...

  2. yes it was a lovely painting but when my mother gave it to me she said that she thought the younger woman in the picture had been given some terrible news. From the moment I hung it on the wall, not-very-nice things started happening so that was the reason it went on ebay - otherwise I'd have kept it (and never known it's value!)