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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Innocent Fete in Regents Park was great - and how the organisers managed to choose London's hottest weekend of the year I just don't know.

Our younger son works for this fantastic little drinks company so the whole family, including cousins and great nephews went along with around 50,000 other like-minded people. In sweltering temperatures and under clear blue skies we saw duck herding, welly wanging, ate some of the best food ever at sensible prices and enjoyed free Innocent smoothies of all colours and descriptions.


And in the middle of Sunday afternoon we boogied to the fantastic soul sounds of Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band! When I heard that the band would be appearing I emailed all the children because I couldn't believe that this icon of the '60s would be in the park. "Who is he?" they all wanted to know. So just for once I was one up and I was able to give them the low down!


and the Innocent son was in the Drum Club

To round off the weekend we went to a performance of Othello at The Globe Theatre. I felt really sorry for the people who were standing (did I spot Sir Gerry Robinson?). We could see them wilting as the two-hour first half drew to a close.

It was lovely to have all the family together for the weekend and good to see the Innocent son who will soon be off to Hamburg for four months.

On our returne I found this little chap had taken up residence in our garden. He seems to love apples.

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