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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Our tilt and slide patio doors were fitted exactly ten years ago and recently the top runners broke. We persevered for as long as we could and then one morning the whole door fell on me as I opened it - time to get serious about getting it fixed. I rang the company who fitted it and someone came out two weeks later. He told us that he would try his best to get the parts but didn't hold out much hope because "designs had moved on in ten years". I couldn't really understand why they didn't keep parts for doors that they had fitted in the past. After hearing nothing for a further two weeks I rang again. The news was bad - he had tried everyone, everywhere and absolutely no-one had the parts so he would put an estimate in the post for a new door.

I went on the internet and without even having a clue about the make of door or what the technical term was for the runners, within five minutes I'd found the parts, rung the man who stocked them, ordered and paid for them. The helpful supplier even talked me throughthe fitting process. They arrived the following day and are now fitted. All for £10.30. I just love that sort of result!

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