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Sunday, 11 March 2012


There is nothing quite like a mum. For the past ten days I have been suffering from a variety of symptoms including sore throat, cold, catarrh, rash, sickness, lack of energy and loss of appetite (try keying that into symptom checker). I  shared a selection of those symptoms with my 81-year-old mother but despite that she managed, on a freezing cold day, to get on the train and then walk up a hill to our house, leaving a plant in the porch for me before doing an about turn and retracing her steps. Unfortunately she then realised she'd locked herself out of her flat and tried to ring me for help. I was out!

Just  as I held the camera up to take that photograph our new neighbours walked past the window and looked in as the flash went off. I almost rushed out to explain that I wasn't taking a picture of them, but I thought I might come across as a bit Basil Fawltyish. I wonder what they're thinking ......


  1. I hope that you are feeling better now. You could not be that ill if you were out when your mother called.

  2. Thanks Cheshire Wife. I think the fact that I tried to carry on as normal is probably the reason it's lasted so long