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Thursday, 8 March 2012


Yesterday we had a pleasant day out in Chester. Over lunch we heard someone talking about a big TKMaxx at a nearby retail park. On the way home I keyed the road name into the sat nav and we drove there. I could see the store tantalisingly close as we flew past first one entrance to the retail park and then another. I gave plenty of notice before the next well-signed entrance and my husband managed to swing the car a la Stirling Moss onto the correct road. But then "we" managed to take the wrong exit at the roundabout. The correct exit would have led us straight to TKMaxx's car park. Lo and behold, we were on the same road again - outside the retail park. We did another circuit of Chester's ring road and tried again, and missed again. "Right, it's had its chance"  shouted my husband as we zoomed away, following signs to the motorway and home.


  1. I have never had any problems finding TK Maxx. You are probably not missing much and your husband would hate it.

  2. Its the fault of the mapping company. We live in Tarleton, but if you put our postcode into Tom Tom it will take you to Kirkham - the same first part of the post code but a different second half - its only a mile or so away as the crow flies, but there is the River Ribble in the way. I have emailed Tom Tom several times but nothing changes. On the other hand, it may have been your husband avoiding an hour or so in TK's