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Monday, 21 December 2009



Ever since I did domestic science at school I've hankered after a Kenwood Chef. When my old electric hand mixer broke the other day I decided to enquire locally about the price of a Kenwood. Between £270 and £500 I was told. So I ruled it out. Later in the day I looked on Amazon - £120 with free postage and a liquidiser attachment thrown in.  I ordered it on Sunday and it was delivered on Monday morning. It's now sitting proudly on my kitchen worktop, giving me pleasure every time I look at it.  But where's the encouragement to buy locally........?


santa 2

It's almost impossible to get a decent photo of Oscar these days - he runs from room to room like the wind.

card 2

He appreciates all his Christmas cards.

We went to The Lowry last week to see "A White Christmas" . Aled Jones and Ray Dotrice were in it and it made me feel very Christmassy - especially at the end when snow poured onto the audience for about five minutes. My husband was more concerned with studying the snow to work out what it was made from and if it might mark his jacket.



  1. Oscar looks so cute!
    We are still waiting for Louise's baby to arrive!!

  2. sorry I meant to wish you all avery happy christmas x

  3. oscar is great. Thomas can say his name now and when we ask Thomas "who is your friend" he says Oscar!!

  4. Thanks Marcia - hope you have a lovely time. x