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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Today I delivered a clothes prop to the artist son. Yesterday I was looking at the space he'd cleared for a shed and couldn't quite believe what else I was seeing. He'd hung some washing on the clothes line and it was missing the ground by an inch. I asked him where his prop was. "Oh, is that what's missing, I thought the washing was a bit low," he said. I suppose we learn by our mistakes.

Yet another mistake was booking an £800 non-refundable holiday without checking that his wife could get the time off work. I'll say no more.

The Innocent son is off to the South of France with the smoothie makers on Friday for what sounds a fantastic weekend. I'm getting nervous about the weather for the Knowsley Hall Music Festival on Sunday - I have visions of a muddy Glasonbury-type day - not my scene at all.

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