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Monday, 25 June 2007

There's a letter in the post and an email in the air. I'm asking for a refund. The Knowsley Hall Music Festival hospitality pack was an absolute farce. Everything we'd paid extra for just didn't happen - no VIP car park, no fast-track entry and the hospitality tent was so smokey that I ended up in the medical centre being given Ventolin. The mud was knee-high and there were so many drunks about that it was an absolute miracle to find a pair of eyes that weren't completely glazed over.
Keane were as good as ever, but even they can't raise the spirits when your feet are stuck in 12 inches of squelching mud. I just count myself lucky that we got home in one piece - hundreds of cars were completely stuck in the muddy car park and had to be pulled out by tractors. Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare. And don't tell me it's because of my age - I may be 55 but even at 15 I would have hated it.


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