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Saturday, 12 January 2008

I think I'm going to write a book based on people's experiences with courier companies. I've written in this blog about umpteen delivery disasters - all of which were guaranteed to raise the blood pressure. Vans catching fire (allegedly); drivers saying our address didn't exist; drivers saying they'd picked things up when they hadn't - I get cross just thinking about it. The artist son ordered a TV and stand on the internet and paid extra to have it delivered between 6am and 7.30 am. Needless to say it didn't arrive. After numerous angry phone calls he was put through to the driver who told him to meet him in Tesco car park "and I'll hand the package over to you." No doubt before he went in for a fry-up. My son pointed out that the package was a 37ins TV and a stand and he didn't have a car. Ok, the driver said, I'll definitely deliver it after 4.30. At 4pm the driver called again to say sorry but it would be there in the morning. Lo and behold it arrived and our son set it all up and switched on. The screen had been smashed in transit!

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