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Sunday, 19 December 2010


I'm tempted to throw every Christmas card with a snow scene on it in the bin. Snow is not nice and I'm sick to the back teeth of looking out on stranded cars being pushed and birds buried up to their necks in white stuff.

The London son and his fiancee (YES ! they're engaged - hurray) were up for the weekend and in between digging his car out and skidding down the road, he found time to make a snow creature that Oscar thinks is Peppa Pig

We had a lovely party for my birthday at Oscar's mummy and daddy's house and Oscar helped me blow the candles out

There are so many comings and goings planned for this week and next by  car and train and plane that I'm dizzy and if they a actually happen then I'm a monkey's uncle.


  1. By the way - I like the new look and updated photos and awhile I'm here congratulations to Matthew.

  2. Snow only looks good on Christmas cards - after so many years down under I still think of white Christmas as an ideal and really miss a winter Christmas - mad I know.