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Friday, 3 December 2010


The London son is off to Bruges this weekend - Eurostar permitting. last night he dressed as Count Duckula for a Christmas party.

Our daughter is snowed up in Hull but  managed to dig herself out to enjoy a slap-up meal last night. Meanwhile, Oscar has been plodding slowly around the room doubled up like an old man. When we asked him what he was doing  he said "Dada" - apparently his dad has had a bad back and without him realising it, Oscar was watching his every painful move. And I now have to be as good as gold and have emptied my coat pockets of all sweets because as Oscar's speech has improved I've found myself in hot water as he reports back to mummy and daddy: "Grandma, Oscar, jelly bean"


  1. Deb,

    Nami, Oli and I, as your most ardent followers, are all wondering why you have failed to include the month's biggest news in your blog?


  2. Oh sorry Rob, yes I had my hair done on Monday. Hadn't realised you were awaiting the announcement so eagerly!For any other bulletins I have to get permission.