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Sunday, 6 March 2011


We're really looking forward to meeting Adam when he arrives (hopefully around May 5th). We feel as though we already know him, after our introduction through the wonders of 3d scanning.

He looks a lot like King Oscar the 2nd to us - we shall see!

My trusty old computer finally died yesterday. I'd used it every day for ten years and I felt sympathy pains as it aged and became slower and slower. Our three children had been telling me to replace it with a newer model for years, but I was too loyal. I'd got to know all its little ways and for the past six months I'd been very patient when it refused to start breathing for at least 30 minutes after being switched on. And when it did  it sounded like an asthmatic steam train.  So it was with a heavy heart that I gave in yesterday and visited Argos. I'm now the owner of a very smart model that does everything I ask of it at lightning speed. But something is missing - and I think it's the noise.

Oscar is very old-fashioned in his ways and instructed his grandad to be "very careful" as he opened the patio doors last week. Then as he was leaving for home he almost went flying as he ran down the hall. He turned round with a wise old expression and said: "nearly".

We had a day in the Trough of Bowland this week - what a beautiful area it is. We made a real find - a pub we'd never come across before (and that's saying something). Tucked down a narrow little lane in Wiswell is the Freemasons Arms.

We had a drink beside the fire and studied the menu. We'll be back.

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