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Sunday, 6 March 2011


Our son in London was in Zurich on Friday for work. Our daughter in Hull is now in London meeting up with our son. She was at the NBA game at the O2 Arena last night and will soon be jetting back to Hull for a Punt and Dennis show tonight (I've just read on Facebook!). I actually thought she was going to see John Bishop tonight - no that's Wednesday, she responds when I query. Meanwhile our other son has been hotel hopping in Edinburgh. Phew - I'm glad I've written it all down.

The London son and his fiance's wedding plans are taking shape - I hope! Because the wedding will be in his neck of the woods there's not much I can get involved in - so frustrating! I've started looking for an outfit, but I've still got a few pounds to lose before I can start trying on - and then I'll just have to hope and pray that I can keep that shape for another 14 months!

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