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Sunday, 5 October 2008


I hate anything that makes me face up to the fact that old age is creeping up on me so standing in a long queue of OAPs which included my husband, waiting for a flu jab didn't go down well today. Anyway it's now done - along with a second jab for pneumonia so now I can dance the night away in the pouring rain wearing t-shirt and shorts - theoretically, my family will be relieved to hear.

Oscar knows how to dress for the chilly weather


  1. I get my flu jab at school courtesy of the Board!
    I have to check your site everyday now in case there is a new photo of Oscar!!

  2. Is your house so cold that Oscar needs all those clothes on? Just because you have had a flu jab does not mean that you don't need the central heating on.

  3. Well, we have been cutting back on fuel but the pic was taken just as they were leaving - and it really was a cold day!