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Thursday, 21 May 2009


After leaving Cambridge  on Saturday we stayed for four nights at The Plantation, a self-catering cottage in the middle of an oak forest


the view from our windows

While I was making breakfast one morning, I glanced out of the patio window and two baby deer were staring in at me. Unfortunately on the first day of our little holiday we went to Great Yarmouth - this loathsome place then tended to colour our opinion of Norfolk as a whole, which was a shame because we did manage to find two or three decent areas - eventually.

The highlights were fresh crab sandwiches at an old and very basic  fisherman's pub in Blakeney


and a visit to Walsingham where we went into the Slipper Chapel just as a service was beginning (or rather I did, my other half went walkabout).


As we were leaving and we rounded a corner, my husband almost knocked down a pilgrim who had probably walked hundreds of miles and was just yards from his destination.

We managed to track down a Sunday Times at about the 30th newsagent's we'd tried and I was pleased to see my letter to Winners Dinners had been published - but the sub editors had worked hard on it, knocking out more than half.

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