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Saturday, 9 May 2009


My mother has just rung (8am Sunday) to ask me what time she should ring our daughter to wish her happy birthday. "It's not her birthday until tomorrow and you're coming here today for lunch," I reminded her. "Yes, but I thought since I'd be bringing her present today, we were calling today her birthday." No Mum, her birthday is May 11th and will remain so all the days of her life. AAAArrrrgggh.


  1. Sorry to say but it is probably old age - on her part, not yours. I can commiserate with you as I have just spent the last month getting my mother, who has dementia, into a home.

  2. Yes, you're probably right. I'm sorry about the difficulties you're having with your mother/brother, I've been reading about the problems on your blog. x

  3. thanks for your lovely comments - I'll take a look at your site.