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Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Well, what an afternoon we had yesterday. I had been mystery shopping in Liverpool late morning and then we wanted to sort out an automatic watering system for the garden at Taskers DIY store in Aintree. I was starving after the mystery shopping so we decided that we'd have a sandwich at a pub not far from Aintree. After lunch I set the Tom Tom using the postcode for Taskers taken from their website. After ten minutes it was very clear that we were not being led to Aintree. We went through the most frightening areas of Liverpool I have ever seen  - they made "Shameless" look like Shangri La. Forty minutes later we ended up at the Wavertree branch of Taskers (my fault I suppose). But the lengthy journey had given us time to discuss the irrigation system and we'd decided we were prepared to pay up to £200 for everything.

We found the products but needed loads of help in choosing which bits we required. The only assistant I could see was around 70, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I approached her clutching one of the packets from the shelf and asked if there was anyone who could help. "what'cha want help with?" Good start. I explained that I needed information about the watering system. She snatched the packet from me, screwed up her eyes and was about to read aloud what was written on the back. I told her I could do that myself but needed proper guidance in selecting from the assortment of items on the shelves. "Well I don't think there's anyone who can watchamacallit," she said. She then had second thoughts. "Carl might be able to watchamacallit but e's on is lunch." So we left and Taskers are £200 poorer. When I related this episode to our daughter she said I should have told the assistant (or should that be sales executive) that the word she was searching for was "help" and hadn't she come across it in the company training manual.  Funny, after all these years I hadn't realised that DIY literally does mean do it yourself. The manageress has been informed .....

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