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Saturday, 19 September 2009


Our daughter is in San Francisco. As if that wasn't bad enough I keep receiving worrying texts. Yesterday I got a photo of the Golden Gate bridge with the message "Just cycled over this". The only way it could have been more worrying was if it had said "Just going to cycle over this". Anyway, there's no point in ripping my hair out for the week she's away. There's nothing I can do and should she plummet from the bridge I'm afraid she's on her own, because you wouldn't catch me on a 16-hour flight.

The London son is also giving me cause for concern. He's about to start a new job which could regularly take him to any continent on this earth and not content with that bit of excitement, he spent yesterday paintballing - an activity where you pay good money to be hit and bruised by bullets of exploding paint. I'm not sure where these spirits of adventure come from. Give me a knitting pattern or a good book any day.

Talking of good books. Yesterday I spotted an enormous "Family Devotional Bible" in a charity shop. It's dated 1880 and is full of engravings. I could barely carry it it was so heavy. But for £20 I reckon it was a good buy. I'm just not sure where it's going to go. My mother reckons I should have a pulpit made for it and stand it in the hall - perhaps that's going a bit far.

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