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Sunday, 3 December 2006

We've just been to the continental market in Ormskirk - braving bitterly cold gales and driving rain. It took us precisely two minutes to walk round the stalls and apart from a bit of salami and the whiff of ripe cheeses I couldn't see anything continental about it - it was just a very small version of the town's standard twice-weekly market. Costa Coffee was doing a roaring trade though as disappointed market-goers piled in to warm up.

On Friday we went to Boundary Mill. My now-retired husband has suddenly developed a penchant for shopping - well, browsing - not much is ever actually purchased. We managed to make a full day of it and had a Christmas dinner complete with crackers in the little restaurant outside. Never have I felt so much like a pensioner and if I'd had any false teeth I'm sure I'd have put them on a side plate.


Bannisters Restaurant

I have just given the London son a lecture by email. A pack arrived for him yesterday from the London Marathon organisers saying that his application to run in next year's marathon had been unsuccessful. He's already injured his knees - twice - by running round the streets of the city. This is something that's supposed to be healthy, so I've just told him what I think, and then I realised that I was sounding just like my mother......

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