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Friday, 22 December 2006

I wish I could screw today up in a ball and throw it away. It started off at 7am with someone stealing the milkman's Christmas tip from outside our front door. Then a parcel I'd been trying to get couriered all week got lost in the system (this item has been the subject of 20 phone calls and many wasted hours). It was supposed to be collected from London on Monday and wasn't, then on Wednesday and wasn't. It was finally picked up yesterday and because I'd paid for a next day delivery I naturally assumed it would arrive today. However, I've been told it's now lost in the system, then that was changed to "it's at Norwich and will be with you next Wednesday" and the reason given was "we're just too busy at this time of year." So I won't be using again and they have my complaint in writing. Unfortunately that doesn't make up for the fact that one of the major Christmas presents won't be here in time for Christmas.

The next thing to go wrong was my daughter's ipod, and since I don't understand how they work, I don't understand how it broke - she'll have to sort that one out.

But it's just been that type of day - annoying!

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