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Saturday, 17 February 2007

I was equipped with a bottle of water and a pack of strepsils when we went to Blackpool to see Ricky Gervais the other night - terrified in case I had a coughing fit with laughing so much during the performance. I needn't have worried - not only was he not side-splittingly funny this time, he also had a cold and cough (maybe the two things were related). I was in two minds whether to run up to the stage and throw him a cough sweet.

I've discovered the most expensive pizza ever - and I baked it in my kitchen. The London son is home for the weekend and was starving when he arrived. I popped a pizza in the oven and turned the gas up full. That was at 10pm. When we got up this morning, it felt like Christmas Day - the oven was still on!! That's nine hours of gas mark 9. So the heating will now have to stay off for a week until we recoup our losses.

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