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Monday, 12 February 2007

Oh the trials and tribulations of house buying. The artist son and his wife are at this very moment loading their worldly possessions into a white van. The money hasn't yet come in from their buyer and their purchase hasn't gone through. The removal company was booked up at such short notice so our innovative son hot-footed it into town and hired a van. He had a bad back before he started so how carrying a three piece suite down two flights of stairs will affect it lord only knows.
The coughing continues with a vengeance. It's so bad that the other day I had to slam the phone down in the middle of a call - I haven't dared call back in case the coughing fit happens again. I have a horrible feeling I may have cracked a rib with all the coughing. Thinking I must be imagining it, I researched the phenomenon on Google. It seems it's perfectly possible - in fact someone on a coughing blog (!! - sad) reckoned they'd cracked eight ribs through coughing - what fun.

The other day we had a run out to Slaidburn, a little village, miles away, in the middle of nowhere - deep in the Trough of Bowland. It was sunny and we spotted a tearoom by the river so we pulled into a carpark (never been there in my life before) and sitting there in a car was my friend Hilda. Small world and lucky neither of us was doing anything we shouldn't have been!

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