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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Bang goes yet another money-making scheme. I made loads and loads of cakes last autumn to sell in Manchester at a food and wine event. They were very popular and I only brought a few home, unsold. So I decided to offer homemade cakes on eBay. Almost immediately I had my first order - a banana loaf, priced at £4.50 with postage set at £3.50 (I know, £8 for a banana loaf!!?) I made it first thing this morning and as soon as it was cool, wrapped and boxed it. Next stop the post office, where I parted with £5.40 on postage. So I'm now down to  £2.60, minus Paypal and eBay fees - that should leave me with about £1.50 to cover the gas and the ingredients. In other words I'm baking cakes for complete strangers out of the goodness of my heart!

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