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Monday, 26 February 2007

I often get hits on this site from people in America - by tracking back on my hit counter I could see that some of these people had confused me with another Deborah Atkinson. Intrigued, I started to track down this other person with my name - so easy via the internet. Within seconds I'd discovered that her name was Deborah Turrell Atkinson and that she an author, living in Hawaii. I emailed her and received an immediate reply and now I've bought one of her crime thrillers on Amazon - could this be the start of a new friendship?

Thank goodness for Night Nurse - a swig of that before going to bed and I'm out like a light. My husband reports that I'm still coughing in the night - but I know nothing about it.

Our daughter got a leaflet through her door in Loughborough advertising a bankrupt stock electrical sale with X-Boxes for £40. Did we want anything she asked. I warned her off as best I could, sending internet links to sites warning of bogus sales etc. After my proclamations of doom and gloom she rang the local police to ask them what they thought. I had visions of them with feet on desk, reclining in their chairs drinking coffee because their helpful reply was that they knew nothing about it. Anyway, the line from Loughborough has gone very quiet and I just daren't ask what she bought......

When anyone comes into my kitchen they always ask what the plant on the windowledge is. I answer "cannabis" because I know that's what they're thinking, and indeed that's what it looks like. I'm babysitting my son and daughter-in-law's plants while they're between houses and living in a relative's front room. I have to admit I was a bit concerned when I saw this particular variety being wheeled in with all the others. Anyway, I've looked it up and it's not cannabis but I'm still going to say that it is when asked - it makes me seem more interesting.

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