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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Innocent Drinks son was home from Hamburg at the weekend. We had traditional English fayre - fish, chips and mushy peas; roast beef and Yorkshire puddings followed by bread and butter pudding and I made sure he downed plenty of vitamin and omega 3 tablets. When he flew back on Sunday night his case was full of washed and ironed clothes which made me feel a lot better if a little tired!

I went to a Horticultural Society Trophy evening the other night, to collect my award for cake and jam in the summer show. I was thrilled to discover that they'd engraved my name on the trophy. As I was leaving with it someone called me back to take a note of my phone number and post code - they obviously weren't taking any chances!

I've often thought that I was living with Victor Meldrew. Now I know it's true. I'd told my husband that the bulb in the outside lantern needed replacing. I was pleased with him because I'd only had to ask twice. We went to see the firework championships with both sons in the car on Saturday night and as we reversed out of the driveway, they were completely doubled up with hysterical laughter, unable even to speak to say what was so funny. Then I saw the lantern. From somewhere - and I know not where - their dad had found a tangerine electric fire light bulb and put it in my antique lantern. I think he does these things so that next time I'll do the job myself.

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