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Thursday, 4 October 2007


We went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Liverpool Empire yesterday afternoon. I'd booked tickets months ago fearing that otherwise, I wouldn't get decent seats - I should have known better. The place was empty. The cast were probably grateful for that because in the show's final seconds, when Beauty kissed the Beast and we were holding our breaths for a happy ending, the safety curtain suddenly came down and a voice announced that there had been a technical hitch - anti-climax or what!

After five minutes of twiddling our thumbs the curtain went up and we saw the Beast being winched up by a pulley and doing mid-air somersaults until eventually, like a contortionist he managed to get his Beast mask ripped off. I was a bag of nerves by this time and felt sure he'd plummet to the stage floor and be killed.

Then we raced home for the Liverpool match, which our daughter assured us started at 6pm. In fact it was 8pm, and then they lost, so a bit of a fruitless day all in all.

The Innocent son is home tomorrow from Hamburg. I honestly don't know how he's coping - strange country, foreign language, dossing down in a hotel, looking for a flat in Germany and looking for a flat in London.  All stressful situations in their own right - but lump them all together!

We've booked a flight to visit him in Hamburg in November - too early for the Christmas markets I think but looking forward to it none-the-less.

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