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Thursday, 25 October 2007


The Millstone hotel at Mellor - between Preston and Blackburn was recommended to us by friends who also enjoy what we like to call "OAP days out". It's just a pity that it's within a short drive because I'd love to book in. I was sorry that there weren't any log fires going but nevertheless we enjoyed beer-battered fish with superb chunky home-made chips, mushy peas and home-made tartare sauce. The half-lemon was wrapped in a muslin parcel to stop the pips falling out! Something I'm now going to emulate at home when I'm feeling posh.


The lovely area around The Millstone Hotel At 7.10 am I received a text from the Innocent Drinks son in Germany - I think he must have forgotten that there's a time difference! He wanted to know if one of his shirts was at our house because he wanted to wear it tomorrow. Fortunately by the time I'd started to raid the wardrobe in the room he has earmarked for his "at home" use, he sent another text to say it had been found by a friend - in another of his wardrobes in London. I must say I'm relieved because how I was ever going to get it to him by tomorrow I don't know.

The artist son and his wife have had a couple of days in the Cotswolds. This is one of our favourite areas so before they set off I gave them a list of the prettiest villages worth visiting. On the last minute I asked if they had a decent map. You'd have thought I was asking if they were visiting the moon. Map? Why would they need a map? So I gave them ours. Despite this I got a text yesterday which said that they'd set off for home but had gone in the wrong direction and were in Bristol. When I mentioned the map, a text replied "doesn't work". I told him that it's his brain that doesn't work, not the map.

When they got home six hours later he was still arguing; "we didn't go the wrong way, we just didn't go the most direct way." I should have remembered that he's always had to have the last word - since he was two.

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